Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My New Me

For the past two years I've been trying to improve my self.

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God is so good that He always answer my prayers in His perfect time. I was able to meet 2 persons awaken the giant in me. My first mentor taught me  the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell. This helped me increase my self confidence. My second mentor helped me change my perspective in life...Blessings upon blessings is coming my way when i change my mind set, make my own belief and change my auto pilot. I learned how to put positive thoughts in my mind which resulted positive things happening in my life.
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Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve as someone says.

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And it's true. I never won in any raffle but this time i won an LG 7kg Front load washing machine. I survived assisting our DVP for 2 weeks that gives us good relationship I never thought it was possible before. Just recently, over the meeting and event that I just organised I received lots of blessings and freebies that I thought is not possible, i just tried and it works. Blessings are just coming my way. When we went for an out of town trip we only add AED 200 for a full board stay...All of these because I changed to positive life. It's awesome I know because I'm a daughter of God and God's palace is of full of blessings for everyone. It's true that when you ask, you will receive.

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When you knock, the doors will be opened to you. Not only 1 door but lots of doors...

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The law of clarity says that you have to be clear of what you want....

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And right now I want to achieve the following:

1) To land in a new job as Office Manager
2) To win the Nissan Patrol from DSF 2016
3) To have my Pastry shop and become best pastry chef.
4) To enroll in photography class and become one of the best photographer.
5) To have a photo and video coverage services
6) To have my own restaurant and bake shop
7) To have my own hotel and resort like Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.
8) To visit New Zealand this Sept 2016 and live there from Jan 2018
9) To visit Vatican City this Dec 2016
10) To become the best wife and mom on top of these things.

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New Year...New Life... New Blessings...

New Year...
New Life...
New Blessings...
New Things to be grateful for....
Today and everyday I chose to be grateful for all the things around me, for all the people I share my life with, for all the circumstances that helps me grow maturely, for all the trials that becomes triumph, for every blessings that God is showering me. I chose to look for a brighter future on all disappointments that are coming my way telling myself that God is molding me to become a better person, improving my patience and my character. For all the things that I'm not getting yet and the things that are not turning the way I want it to, I often ask God what is the purpose and what is the reason, sometimes I even ask if I'm not worthy of it but looking at the deeper side of it and with His wisdom I am reminded that these are all material things and He has a better plan for me. That I am worthy of everything because God is immeasurable God, He is a God of all and He can turn impossible to possible, unable to able, incapable to capable. Today not only I chose to be grateful but I also chose to be faithful. I chose to believe in His promise.I chose to be positive in every negative things in my life. I chose to be her daughter, Her heir worthy of all the riches not only in the world but also in His Kingdom.

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